May Avidan Ginat

Professional Manager and Senior Trainer

May has extensive experience working with injuries and with the elderly. Her areas of expertise are in training pregnant and post-partum women, active birth, posture, and kinesiology. Incidentally, she has a BA in Political Science and Criminology. May believes that “it’s not enough to train every day. A healthy lifestyle is the result of a daily routine that is active, healthy, and happy.”

Ran Cohen

Gym Manager and Senior Trainer

Ran holds a coaching certificate in bodybuilding and is an international powerlifting judge (GPA). Ran has vast experience in making competitive training accessible to everyone, as well as in rehabilitation of sports injuries, training for the elderly, power training, fitness, toning, and lowering fat levels. He is a competitor, coach and judge in powerlifting, with five world records in the GPA. He is a former weightlifter at Maccabi Tel Aviv, former Israeli team football player and defensive coach in football. He also holds a BA in Social Sciences.

Assaf Boshy

Advanced Trainer

Assaf studies physiotherapy and is the Israeli champion in powerlifting, holding the Israeli records for squats and deadlifts. His motto is: “With hard work and persistence, you can achieve any goal you set.”

Ben Barel

Personal Trainer

Ben is a healthy lifestyle coach, with a brown belt in Karate and kickboxing. He’s a global wrestler, the Israeli champion in professional wrestling and is studying for a degree in Business Administration in Sports. His motto is: “A healthy lifestyle is not only about physical activity, it should include proper nutrition, rest, sleep, and emotional balance.”

Oz Govhari

Senior Trainer

Oz, a former soccer player and a certified athletic development and ball game trainer, and has been an integral part of the Gordon Pool for seven years. He has experience in a variety of areas – older and younger populations, sports injuries, and pregnant women. His motto is: “People should train regularly and correctly, and persist throughout the years.  With balanced nutrition, the results will follow.”

Danielle Gotberg

Personal Trainer

Danielle is experienced in fitness and aerobic training, and in functional training for children and adults, and in coaching members towards a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and lowering fat levels. Her motto: “There’s nothing like an intensive workout to improve the mood and increase vitality.”

Alexander Dinakov

Senior Trainer

Alexander is an expert in functional training and balance. He has experience in wrestling, Thai boxing and Judo, and believes that “A healthy lifestyle means constantly maintaining physical fitness, without excuses or compromises. Do it today! Nutrition is an integral part of reaching your goal.”

Ofer Levi

Senior Trainer

Ofer, a graduate of studies in Pilates and posture, encountered the world of fitness when founding a health farm in Brazil dedicated to mind and body. He has since accumulated vast experience with the older population, and for the past ten years has been part of the Gordon Pool staff. He believes wholeheartedly that “fitness leads to happiness, a healthy spirit, and vitality.”

May Hazan

Personal Trainer

May is a Ninja trainer, she practices and competes in Crossfit. She conducts functional training that help strengthen the body and improve fitness. She believes that “any goal for change can be achieved through hard work, determination and diligence. It’s all a matter of making the decision, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.”

Guy Yariv

Personal Trainer

Guy is a Crossfit enthusiast and has been an active soccer player for 15 years. He has extensive professional experience with athletes and the general population, and believes that “when you set a goal, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.”

Ron Levinson

Personal Trainer

Ron studies Business Administration, is a basketball player and a former athlete. His life motto is “Get to know your body and the kind of physical activity you connect with. Then embrace it as a regular routine.”

Dan Kashtan

Personal Trainer

Dan holds a BA in Business Administration specializing in sports and health, and an MBA in Financing. He focuses on developing athletic abilities for ball games, and is experienced in training younger and older populations. His motto is: “With inner motivation, we can achieve our goals and lead to real and lasting change.”

Noy Ravivo

Personal Trainer

Noy is the go-to person for anyone wanting someone with experience in power and running for the general population. She believes that “A healthy lifestyle is based on dividing your workouts in a balanced way, with proper nutrition and enough recovery time between training sessions.”

Xenia Rubinstein Levy

Advanced Trainer

Xenia, who holds a BA in Geography and Environmental Development, has experience in Pilates, training for the elderly, and running. She works with the elderly, with sports injuries, pregnant and postpartum women. She always tells her trainees: “Diligence will get you to your goal, persistence will keep you there.”